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The Federation Wallonia-Brussels

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Belgium, A federal state not like the others

Belgium is a federal state composed of 3 communities and 3 regions

The Federal State

The Federal State exercises powers over the entire territory of the country. The Federal Authority is composed of the Federal Parliament (which comprises the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate), the Federal Government and the King.

The Communities and the Regions

These federated political entities exercise their powers in territories determined by the different language regions.

Language region

Homogeneous language territories resulting from an administrative division of the country, where the use of language in relations with the public authorities is governed by decree or by act (on administration, justice, education and industrial relations in companies).

Belgium has four language regions: three monolingual (French, Dutch, German) and one bilingual (French-Dutch). Each municipality belongs to one language region only.

Institutional Structure

Belgian federalism has a particular feature that is unique in the world: three Communities and three Regions that partially overlap on the same territory.


The territories

The major characteristic of the French-speaking Community / Federation Wallonia-Brussels and the Flemish Community, is that they each have their own territorial base, plus a common territorial extension: the Brussels-Capital Region.

Brussels is both one of the three regions and a common territory of the two Communities that surround it. In other words, since 1970, a customised federalism has been in place in Brussels without sub-nationality. It enables the two communities to legislate each for its own account on the same territory without any conflict of standards.

Institutional organisation of Belgium

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