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The Federation Wallonia-Brussels

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The Federation Wallonia-Brussels

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Core competencies:

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Audiovisual matters

  • Childhood and youth

  • Health

  • Sports

  • Use of languages

The French-speaking Community / Federation Wallonia-Brussels exercises its competencies in the French language region and in regard to the institutions that fall under its purview in the bilingual Brussels-Capital Region.

Brussels is its capital and home to its political bodies: the Parliament and the Government of the French-speaking Community / Federation Wallonia-Brussels.

Transfer of the exercise of competencies between French-speakers (1993)

The exercise of certain social and health competencies of the French-speaking Community / Federation Wallonia-Brussels was transferred to the Walloon Region and to the COCOF, the French-speaking Community Commission. The Walloon Region exercises competencies in the French language region; the COCOF in Brussels.

The Parliament


94 members of parliament (MPs): 75 are members of the Walloon Parliament and 19 stem from the French language grouping of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region. Parliament appoints 10 Community senators from within its ranks to represent the Community in the heart of the federal legislative power.

These 94 members belong to one of the 5 political groups or parties :

Legislative role:

The Parliament is the place where legislative texts (bills or proposals for decrees) are debated. Examined in depth and voted on in committees, the bills are then debated and voted by the Parliament sitting in a plenary session.

Political control:

The MPs exercise their political control through questions (verbal and written) and appeals to ministers or by voting on motions of confidence or no confidence. The annual vote on the budget enables them to exercise control across the board on all policies pursued by the government.

The Government

From left to right: Mrs Fadila Laanan, Mr Jean-Claude Marcourt, Mr Rudy Demotte, Mr Jean-Marc Nollet, Mrs Marie-Dominique Simonet, Mrs Evelyne Huytebroeck and Mr André Antoine.


The Government sends bills to Parliament, promulgates the decrees passed, and issues the implementing orders for them. It conducts and implements a policy for which it is accountable to Parliament.

The government is composed of (at most 8) ministers elected by Parliament. Some of them are also members of the Walloon government or the government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Each minister heads one or more departments of the administration.


The French-speaking Community / Federation Wallonia-Brussels is administered by the Ministry for the French-speaking Community / Federation Wallonia-Brussels. The administrative authority comprises a general secretariat and five general departments:

  • Education and scientific research;

  • Education personnel;

  • Culture;

  • Infrastructure and facilities;

  • Aid to young people, health and sports.

Procedure for a decree


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